How to write a news and views article science&technology

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How to write a science news story based on a research paper

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Secrets of good science writing

What is the story result. They will also make you from writing a story you were you had never touched. Do not, however, telling shallow writing for bright writing. Get them to extract their results and provide their conclusions. Aug 12,  · News about science and technology.

Commentary and archival information about science and technology from The New York Times.

How to write a science news story based on a research paper

has a long research record. But his views on climate change are not. When it comes to science writing, we should abbreviate long phrases because scientific terms and the name of companies and institutions usually come in chunky phrases—the kind we want to avoid repeating throughout the article.

Write well. Reporters often pick the same papers to cover. Why should anyone read you? You must have something to add. Make an effort to get the details that readers want to know. And learn how to write well.

Find a clear path through the story and build one paragraph after another in logical order. Stick to one idea for each paragraph. 1. How to write it The ‘news’should be highlighted in a briefopening paragraph to attract the attention ofthose who are not experts in the paragraph should explicitly refer tothe paper under discussion and touch on the general significance ofthe detail,background and explanation should follow,including your own ‘views’.

Many of the News & Views are about Nature papers published in the same issue. Sometimes the editors will ask one of the reviewers to write about the paper they reviewed. This makes some sense since they should be experts in the field and have already read the paper (which hasn't been published yet).

Jan 14,  · Nature Education, Science And Technology‎ > ‎ News and Views. Subscribe to posts. under 40 years of age can apply for the IUSSTF Research Fellowships to carry out research in frontier areas of science & technology at any premier institution in USA upto a period of 12 months.

How to write a news and views article science&technology
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